Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Challenge Went South - Need more Time

Well.... I kind off failed my Challenge...

So I got so busy the past few days that i couldn't really make posts. But to be perfectly honest... even though it would have only taken a few minutes, I decided I was too tired - but actually just too lazy!

We get so caught up with life that when we think we are being productive... we are actually just wasting time!

The Video Below have a big story to tell...

We need to stop wasting time... but funny enough... it takes more time for me to "save" time - because i try to organise... but actually I'm just procrastinating.

Really Need to Change that!

Enjoy guys...

~ crafty

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 3 - Shoes


The Shiny Shoe Epidemic...

So this is not the most interesting photo i have ever taken, but... No matter hoe our shoes look or how they are perceived.... What matters most is keeping them grounded. Keeping Yourself grounded and staying true to what you believe in, is more important the "looks" of your shoes or the way the shoes look "Shinier".

You will never be liked by everyone, and thats okey. Remember to TELL yourself it is okey. Just because someone has shiny shoes doesn't make the happy or more "liked".

Have a Good one... Breath More :)

~ Crafty

Day 2 - In my Cup


Whats in My Cup

Since i forgot to post yesterdays picture....

I will do so now.

When i think "In my cup".... most obvious thought is - something to drink or maybe even a spoon.

So i decided that i will make a bit of a unusual pair with... fork and a cup!

~ Crafty

Don't Promise Photographers Exposure, Promise Them Cash


I am experienceing the same issue....

I can't buy milk with a "Thank You"

Don't Promise Photographers Exposure, Promise Them Cash

Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 1 - Leaves


So... Here i am! :)

First day of the photo challenge!
This is one of my little noonoo plant i have on my veranda.

Even though i dont have a garden... My little pot plant are like therapy without the awkward silences ;)


Taken with iphone (yes i was lazy) with my little Instalenses - best investment'

I hope we can all see the flowers and leaves in our lives.... Nothing stays dull forever....

Have a good one!

~ Crafty